L. J. “Bud” Evans, Jr.

The Forensic Logic Advisory Board is led by Bud Evans, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the SFI Financial Group. He is a former Chairman of the White House Cabinet Council Committee on Technology Commercialization, a former Member of the National Research Council Applications Board and a former Director of NASA Commercial Technology. Mr. Evans was also a Senior Executive at the White House, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Bud is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Altarum (formerly the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, the inventor of SAR radar and developer of numerous “Black” technologies), a Board Member of Solutions Design Group, SafeLife Corp., Pixel Velocity, Terra Card Services, Inc., Ex-RAD, and a former Board Chairman of EOTech, Inc. and ART Inc.

Bud has more than 25 years of technology related operating, management and investment experience, mostly in government related sectors. He sits on numerous technology company boards. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Colby College and a J.D. from Cornell University.

Scot Thomasson

Scot Thomasson is a highly decorated former federal agent with more than 25 years of national and international experience. He began his career in 1987 in the U. S. State Department where he spent five and a half years serving at various overseas posts. Scot’s assignments ranged from, personal protection of high threat foreign dignitaries here and US officials overseas, United Nations duty, counterterrorism and counterintelligence work abroad, physical security design and the management of US facilities and residences in several Central and South American countries.

Scot transferred to the Justice Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, (ATF), as a Special Agent assigned to the Colorado Springs Field Office.

During Scot’s more than 20 years with ATF he has served as the: Resident Agent in Charge of Northern Indiana, Chief of the Firearms Enforcement Branch ATF headquarters, Director of the Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Seattle Field Division, Acting Chief International Affairs Office, ATF headquarters,  Chief of the Public Affairs, ATF headquarters  and finally as the Chief of the Firearms Operations Division which is the program office that accounts for 80% of the agency’s mission.

During Scot’s more than 25 years with the federal government he has served as an operator with the Department of State’s Mobile Security Division, a Sniper with ATF’s Special Response team, planned, participated and supervised numerous of high risk operations, high threat protection details and sensitive investigations.  Additionally he has orchestrated, developed, and executed successful media strategies when dealing with local, regional, and national critical incidents, public image crisis, political missteps and accidents that threaten a brand and market position.

Scot received the ATF Medal of Valor in 1995. He also is the recipient of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Annual Group Achievement Award in 1999, the ATF Distinguished Service Medal in 2000, the United States Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Community Partnerships for Public Safety in 2005 and is a recipient of 15 Special Act Awards.

George Foresman

The Honorable George W. Foresman is currently President of Highland Risk & Crisis Solutions, Ltd, a firm that assists corporations and government organizations in understanding and mitigating homeland and national security risks, both domestically and internationally.

Previously, Foresman was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in 2005 as America’s first Under Secretary of Preparedness at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and subsequently became the first Under  Secretary for National Protection and Programs, before leaving government in 2007.  As the number three official at DHS, he led efforts to integrate and advance homeland security efforts, at both the department and national levels by instituting management reforms and enhancing stakeholder engagement.

Foresman is nationally recognized as a results-driven professional with a quarter-Century of success in leading business and complex high profile state and federal government organizations.  He possesses bipartisan credentials having worked for five Democratic and Republican Governors of Virginia.  A proven exceptional communicator, executive leader and trusted facilitator, Foresman has repeatedly been called upon to build long-term relationships by establishing and maintaining confidence and trust among broad constituencies and under trying circumstances.  Well known for his capability to assess strategic national and international requirements, he possesses unique experience in the design, building and operation of public and private sector activities capable of delivering best quality results.

George Foresman is considered a visionary 21st Century leader that understands Global interdependencies and their effect on the political, economic and security interests of the United States.  He has been a forceful advocate for modernizing America’s national security structure to better leverage diplomatic and economic tools to meet current and future requirements, at home and abroad.  With a proven track record for broadening stakeholder engagement, Foresman has pushed for better collaboration among governments as well as between the public and private sector on a broad range of issues.

Mr. Foresman is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, as well as the Virginia Executive Institute.

Joe Austin

Joe is the Co-Founder of Government Marketing and Procurement, Inc. Serving both foreign and domestic clients with services and products to sell to federal, state and local governments, Mr. Austin matches client with buyer, supply with demand. With his expertise in targeting and capturing government contracts, he has represented the marketing interests of defense contractors, software companies, security firms and engineering companies. Imperial Chemical Industries of the United Kingdom, Diehl Equipment Corporation and Zeiss Optics of Germany are examples of international companies who have sought assistance.

Prior to establishing GMP, Mr. Austin was Senior Vice President, Interface, Inc., where he was responsible for federal marketing activities in the energy, defense and environmental sectors. In this capacity, he was directly responsible for over 100 million dollars in federal contract awards for Interface clients.

From 1970-1991 he served on active duty as an officer in the United States Army. He spent his last five years of service in the Office of the Secretary of the Army as a Legislative Liaison Officer to both the Senate and House of Representatives. In this capacity he was responsible for such diverse activities as Interparliamentary Exchanges, Army Intelligence Programs, and Special Actions for the Secretary of the Army. He retired from the Army in 1991 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Mr. Austin graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.A., Indiana University with a M.A. and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program of the Harvard Business School.