Who We Serve

At Forensic Logic, we bridge the gap between the ever-expanding universe of law enforcement information and those who can apply that information to stop crime.

Our mission is to build a comprehensive, robust, and accessible network of relevant data to serve ANY organization that seeks to reduce or defend against criminal activity. We aggregate data across thousands of jurisdictions, and provide a range of products and services to law enforcement and homeland security agencies to help accomplish their mission. In addition to Forensic Logic’s historical counter-terrorism focus, we work across local, state, and federal law enforcement to disrupt a broad spectrum of criminal activity. Our platform is particularly well-suited to combat those types of crime that transcend geographic and jurisdictional boundaries, such as narcotics distribution, human trafficking, violent gang activity, and smuggling operations, among others.

We provide private sector firms with a range of advisory and analytical services to mitigate the impact of crime on their operations and enhance the safety of their employees. We also work with the non-profit and academic sectors to advance the study of crime prevention and analysis. Please look at a list of our partners  for an idea of the range of those we have helped. If you or your organization is impacted by crime and seeks to stop it, please contact us to learn how our data universe can help you in your mission.